Re: A question about Xué's PSU components

Adam Wang adam at
Mon Dec 13 08:13:39 EST 2010

Hi Andres,

Since the Xue project, we'll try to use the system of Boom from Werner's
tool to generate directly parts shopping list(thus ordering information,
ordering q'ty, price, etc.) from sch design, this way is to reduce time to
manufacturing and cost. It is a goal that making copyleft hadware
development flow to be more effective and reliable on design itself. We know
that there's a lot of details to be done and grown up.

The content of BOOKSHELF and whole system of Boom still can be took
consideration into make better. Soon I'll gradually move to this project.
The part number I would prefer them to be fixed as the real exact part
number corresponding to ordering information.

Since you may probably knew the exact part number mapping tool from 'sub' to
'equ' script, but I still want to give my opinion on description of
BOOKSHELF. As you know, you can quickly call 'dsv' to get pdf file from
viewing it even just enter 'U12'. But I would like to see a consistency from
schematic to shopping list where some p/n are kept the same.  And people
read sch then know completely what chip you used.

>From your design, their ordering info should be:

U15: A7117E6R-50
U12: A7108E5R-12
U11: A7108E5R-33
U10: A7131J10VR

Thus the time people reviewed them is unnecessary from concepts of tool.
A7108E5R-12 is better than A7108, isn't it? Because they are totally not the
same: one is 1.2V fixed output, the other is that we don't know unless I
jump into schematic to see.

BTW, I'll let you know if they are available soon.

We'll need ping pong current process from Boom and to see if good features
to be added.
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