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I have never heard of running J-Pilot in a terminal - how do you do it?

Personally, I use HNB for my PIM on the NN. It's easy to heirachically store my contacts, notes and todo lists, and by running a command like  'insert_cal 3 2003' I can insert a monthly calendar. More info on HNB here:


Recently I read about the command line task organizer, TaskWarrior. This is way more than I will ever need, but for people who need almost a complete project management system on the command line, this is a pretty impressive solution. The project website is here:


There's a wonderful tutorial on utube starting here:


For people who want a slightly less detailed task manager on the command line, you might try the Python based Ikog:


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--- On Tue, 14/12/10, RM Collins <rmcollins7 at q.com> wrote:

    I have been looking
      around the Internet for information on pim software for the Ben
      NanoNote and haven't found much. I have used J-pilot for a long
      time. It is basically a sync to the desktop for my palm XT. The
      desktop portion of it would make a fine pim and is used that way
      by many people. It can run in a terminal.


      You can learn more about it here:  http://www.jpilot.org/


    Judd Montgomery is the developer and he can be reached on the


    J-Pilot Discussion List <jpilot at jpilot.org>


    I am not sure what Judd will say, but it is great software.






    Info on the Ben NanoNote:   http://sharism.cc/specs/


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