OpenWrt Image Release: 2010-12-14

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Dec 15 03:29:57 EST 2010

Hi All

* we have upload the new OpenWrt Image Release [1].
  A more verbose changelog is available at wiki[2].

* Please update your to  2010-11-20[3](check by ./ -h)
  this version added flashing progress. thanks to kyak @ #qi-hardware.
  flashing all images need ~28mins.

* cleanup URL:
  add : rename to rename to

* move the wiki page [office software release] to [OpenWrt Software Image]

* keep cleanup the
  list all apps in images. add description, url, even screenshot. (we definitely need your help :)
* next time we will try to release the "mirror-openwrt-sources" "package" "images" at same date.
    "mirror-openwrt-sources": all source code needed by compile Openwrt
    "package": all packages like:
    "images": just like the [1]


(PICK some info form the wiki page[2])
    * moved the gmenu2x to /etc/inittab
    * disabled atd, telnet, led
    * automatic creating /dev/rtc
    * added a lot of icons to gmenu2x
    * added fw_setenv_default. if we want to change the kernel command line: 
	1. run fw_setenv_default 
	2. fw_setenv bootargs KERNEL_CMD_LINE_CONTENT 

	NOTICE: by default the u-boot envs doesn't write to nand. 
	the "fw_setenv_default" will write default to nand, 
	so we only need to run fw_setenv_default once before we start to set u-boot env. 

    * added config.debug config.all_package
    * move files/* to it's package as much as possible.

    * /bin/ash : can't access tty; job control is turned off when start 'ash' 'bash'
    * there are some ALSA LIB error messages, when system boots. 
      it is because the gmenu2x tries to access the sound system before sound module is loaded
    * gmenu2x doesn't dim the screen. but works fine in 'ash' 'gmu'
    * when exit nanomap, there is one segment fault sometimes. 
      Mirko Vogt is working on that. see the new branch in openwrt-xburst.git
    * when exit stardict, then go back to gmen2x, starting another terminal program system doesn't go to tty1, 
      need to manually go to tty1 by pressing "ctrl + alt + F1" 

Best Regards
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