Milkymist One RC2 run report

Adam Wang adam at
Wed Dec 15 04:23:22 EST 2010


We've just finished the run as title, you can check:

The overall of this RC2 run, please check:

The issues discovered during production also recorded:

The majority of err about cannot boot, we've still not fully understood yet.
I made two mistakes on BoM value which let VGA DDC failed and R30/R39
swapped. You can check it out. Now for all of those batches I fixed back.
The Y2 Xtal for video chip I just requested samples from the same type of
Y1, later I'll test this.

Most of this run we have productive items needed to improve:
1, checking incoming parts' mark/pins
2, good results of AOI and visual inspection
3, well-defined on audio test environment built
4, use a Y Pb Pr component video in signals rather than one composite PAL
video in
5, fast flashing

I just roughly mentioned them above, if you think it's not enough, just
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