Great article on sc, a spreadsheet that is on the Ben Nanonote, on line at Linux Journal.

Delbert Franz ddf at
Sat Dec 18 16:57:11 EST 2010

Hi, All, 

I started exploring sc, a curses based spread sheet that is on the 
Nanonote but found that there was no explicit facility for importing 
from other formats, like text in columns.  A web search on sc found an 
article in the Linux Journal of October 2010.  I probably saw it but 
was not interested in sc then:) 

Here's the link:,0

The article has a Python script that will convert colon delimited 
files into a series of commands to sc that then sets up the spread 
sheet.  There was a slight problem in the script in that it considered 
any number with a decimal point to be a label-- not what I wanted.  I 
added a comment to the article which solved the problem.  The Nanonote 
also has Python, so now I'm on to getting acquainted with sc:) 


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