aewan bugs

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Sun Dec 19 03:50:46 EST 2010

I finally learned how to reflash (took hours!) now i have the 12-14 image of OpenWRT. 
 Although aewan does work, it has 2 big problems:
 it cannot support colors (when you go to "drawing color" in the menu, it is all the same!
 the 2nd problem is that when you press F1 to get a menu, and try to arrow your way around, there is no color change for the selected option, so you have to read the bottom line in the screen to discern what your cursor is hovering over. 

 a third minor problem is that the accent key (to the left of comma) registers as two capital M's. Not sure why.

 hope these things can be fixed and that this report helped

 -hack well
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