How do I record sound

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>> What program do I use to record sound files on the Nanonote?
>> thanks. I am running OpenWRT

> I'd recommend the command-line sound processor 'sox'.  For recording
> use the shortcut name 'rec'.  Just run it without parameters to get
> some help output.  Didn't try myself, though (well not on the
> nanonote, have been using it on Ubuntu for quite some time).

Recording seems to be broken on NanoNote.  Linux/hw problem?

sox -t alsa default test.gsm stat

Samples read:             40960
Length (seconds):      5.120000
Scaled by:         2147483647.0
Maximum amplitude:     0.000000
Minimum amplitude:     0.000000

It's only recording perfect silence :(

also tried to check the mixer via alsamixer, but no success so far.

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