DosBox 0.74 for Ben Nanonote

Staude, Anthony anthony at
Sun Dec 19 20:57:33 EST 2010

I've been busy porting across DosBox for the Ben Nanonote. It's currently in a pretty good state and runs a fair bit of PC software (ie. games).
I have full keyboard/mouse support plus screen handling (including scaling for hi-res displays) and a working mipsel dynamic recompiler.
It's also binary compatible with the Dingoo A320 handheld.
My website is if you are interested - I will be release 0.74 shortly - just testing some final items.

What I would be interested in is any information in regards to a the Nanonote v2 (w/ 64Mb RAM) as this would be very useful for DosBox (and other apps of course).
I'd be interested in obtaining a V2 Nanonote if they are available for developers.

-- Anthony

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