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Adam Wang adam at
Sun Dec 19 22:28:53 EST 2010


While generating a shopping list for JTAG/Serial cable project, see this

The column of "Confirmed by adam" is I tried to verify/know if Sharism
inventory have the same part existed already.

Since boom can find a suitable price of batch said as 10 pieces on Digi-Key.
But as a manufacturer's role to produce boards by smt machine. I would never
to buy a short 'cropped' 100 or 200 pieces from 1 reel from Digi-Key for
resistors or capacitors. It'll be an annoying task on inserting parts into
feeder of smt machine. So I'd prefer the system can have an
insight/features/wishes into such inquiries:

a) For Sharism; if some where existed good price for 1 reel for general
purpose resistors/capacitors with typing extra arg like "make KITS=100 reel
show", then pick it up. Ex. Sharism inventory; for this, which info or data
you prefer that we should stand for or list up so that system can take?

b) For independent hakers; with typing "make KITS=5 show"

In fact, if I use this generated shopping list, I already can imagine how
smt vendor will meet accursed customer we are in spite of few non-reel
orders. So I'll sort wanted part from it.

another idea, can the shopping list be directly exported to a text file?
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