List of terminal apps

jirka jirka at
Mon Dec 20 04:56:42 EST 2010


A lot of them is already ported or there are similar programs ported.
Unfortunately, lot of other programs is not suitable for small screen
(the Wyrd, most of games and so).

There is one very interesting tool: the Teapot spreadsheet calculator.
It might be a good alternative for people who dislike the "sc", I think
(I added it to my TODO list).


On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 09:07:25 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>
> Ron,
> That's a nice list, some familiar apps for NanoNote users...
> Mostly I think the way we prioritize is to port or include what
> someone is passionate about, but overall I agree some of those
> apps could be valuable for people in OpenWrt...
> We see :-)
> Thanks!
> Wolfgang
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