[Nanonote] Veni, vidi, bricked it

qnrq at pipemail.org qnrq at pipemail.org
Mon Dec 20 13:07:49 EST 2010


 I ordered a Ben Nanonote from Tuxbrain around the middle of November. 
 After a long delay caused by the Swedish postal service it arrived and 
 last friday I finally got my chance to start playing around with it. I 
 did what every sane (heh) hacker would do the first couple of days by 
 spending hours on customizing, coding and updating the gadget.

 Pretty soon I felt that despite OpenWRT being good and useful I ought 
 to try an alternative: Debian. I followed the steps in the pyneo.org 
 guide on the subject. The first attempt failed. After a reboot I could 
 see the boot manager printing the default text about loading the kernel 
 and then the screen turned black. "Oh well, kernel panic", I thought to 
 myself, and booted right back into usb boot for the second attempt.

 The second attempt failed even harder. After rebooting (not sure if it 
 even classifies as a boot) the device the screen stayed monochrome 
 black. No backlight, as far as I can tell. I popped the back lid open, 
 removed the battery and sent it into usb boot. `watch lsusb`, nothing. 
 Tried again, and again, and again but the tiny box is still stuck in its 
 dark abyss.

 Somehow, my attempt at installing Debian seems to have killed whatever 
 part handles the usb boot. I have no good guess of how this would be 
 possible, though. Is there any way for me to un-fuck-up my Nanonote? It 
 would really be saddening if the journey would end like this. Any help 
 regarding this is greatly appreciated.

 Niklas Femerstrand
 <qnrq at pipemail.org>

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