[Nanonote] Veni, vidi, bricked it

Christopher Harrington ironiridis at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 13:17:53 EST 2010

Have you followed these instructions?



On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 12:07,  <qnrq at pipemail.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I ordered a Ben Nanonote from Tuxbrain around the middle of November. After
> a long delay caused by the Swedish postal service it arrived and last friday
> I finally got my chance to start playing around with it. I did what every
> sane (heh) hacker would do the first couple of days by spending hours on
> customizing, coding and updating the gadget.
> Pretty soon I felt that despite OpenWRT being good and useful I ought to try
> an alternative: Debian. I followed the steps in the pyneo.org guide on the
> subject. The first attempt failed. After a reboot I could see the boot
> manager printing the default text about loading the kernel and then the
> screen turned black. "Oh well, kernel panic", I thought to myself, and
> booted right back into usb boot for the second attempt.
> The second attempt failed even harder. After rebooting (not sure if it even
> classifies as a boot) the device the screen stayed monochrome black. No
> backlight, as far as I can tell. I popped the back lid open, removed the
> battery and sent it into usb boot. `watch lsusb`, nothing. Tried again, and
> again, and again but the tiny box is still stuck in its dark abyss.
> Somehow, my attempt at installing Debian seems to have killed whatever part
> handles the usb boot. I have no good guess of how this would be possible,
> though. Is there any way for me to un-fuck-up my Nanonote? It would really
> be saddening if the journey would end like this. Any help regarding this is
> greatly appreciated.
> -----------------
> Niklas Femerstrand
> <qnrq at pipemail.org>
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