[Nanonote] Veni, vidi, bricked it

qnrq at pipemail.org qnrq at pipemail.org
Mon Dec 20 16:09:16 EST 2010

 The instructions provided on pyneo.org are very messy, even as an 
 advanced user. One of the first steps is actually to wget 
 which results in a 404. Xiangu told me on irc that the images had been 
 moved to http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/NanoNote/Ben/ 
 but the latest file with a name similar to openwrt-xburst-u-boot.bin is 
 called openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin. A completely different file in 
 a completely new location. In all honesty, at the moment while I'm 
 attempting my third Debian install I still don't have any idea whether 
 the file I'm trying (openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin) is the right 
 file or not - all I know is that the link provided in the instructions 
 has, for unknown reasons, moved without being symlinked.

 The instructions then tell you to pick a kernel and Debian base without 
 knowing the concrete differences and then you're shown a list of errors 
 that may occur later in the process and not at the part of the 
 instructions where they're being shown. After that the reader is 
 supposed to choose between two methods of flashing without knowing the 
 differences, except for the fact that the author experienced problems 
 with one of them.

 In other words, the current provided instructions about getting Debian 
 on the Nanonote is built on the requirement that the user must guess and 
 find unavailable data before being able to process. The instructions are 
 a complete mess and the fact that the files can't be properly found by 
 browsing the Qi wiki makes it a slightly more interesting adventure.

 I thought that if I somehow get Debian on my Nanonote I'd write a 
 shellscript that guides the user through the process in an attempt to 
 make it easier for everybody. I'll try to get it done as soon as I can 
 get a working installation of Debian, whenever that is :-)


 On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 17:36:13 -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> qnrq at pipemail.org wrote:
>> Somehow, my attempt at installing Debian seems to have killed
>> whatever part handles the usb boot.
> I wonder what's going on there. Recently, there weren't so many 
> people
> who had their Ben "bricked", but a while ago, someone needing help 
> with
> what seemed a hopeless brick was an almost daily occurrence. They all
> had one thing in common - every one of them had tried installing 
> Debian
> when disaster struck.
> Could this be just a freak coincidence ? Is there something horribly
> wrong or perhaps misleading in the Debian install instructions ? Are
> people using the correct instructions ?
> (The benefit of having had this series of incidents is of course that
> the unbricking instructions should now be really good ;-)
> - Werner
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