OpenWrt Image Release: 2010-12-14

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at
Mon Dec 20 20:31:21 EST 2010

> * next time we will try to release the "mirror-openwrt-sources" "package" "images" at same date.
>     "mirror-openwrt-sources": all source code needed by compile Openwrt
>     "package": all packages like:
>     "images": just like the [1]

Since time aago, i tried compile my owrt my self in order to have  a
build-env, but i know SDK is posible too, the TODO include that?

Want i should want:

 1). Be able to cross-compile stuff for my current owrt no mather a new
 is drop out

 2). Following 1). packages source will great i case i want run modified
 version of some sofware

 3). In case i want a lib wich is not in that relase, dont have to get a
 new release or at least cross-compile my self it locally

 4). Easy packaing of new source (Is SDK intented for that?)

 I hope i'm follwing that TODO wil allow that above, will be really
 usefull i think !

Saludos !!
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