gcc-mips and ncurses and Gnu Scientific Library

Delbert Franz ddf at iqdotdt.com
Mon Dec 20 23:15:19 EST 2010

On Monday 20 December 2010, Delbert Franz wrote:

> ...  I tried a few of them and they worked.  One problem 
> was that the borders of windows are drawn with the wrong characters.  
> The horizontal lines are drawn with what looks like an "A" 
> with a tilde on top.  The vertical lines are drawn with what looks 
> like a digit 3 but is not quite that shape.  Some key code table is 
> incorrect somewhere:) The corners are wrong also but my font is too 
> small for me to identify what is appearing:) 

Solved one part of my problem.  As expected, ncurses is a bit 
complex:)  Characters are wrong for various reasons.  In this
case, the font I was using, 5x8.psf, does not have the line 
drawing characters expected.  I found this out by running 
the "other_borders" demo program which displayed a window with 
borders made up of +, - and |--not as neat but it worked. 

I tried the window demo programs using the default font on
the Ben and the windows were drawn correctly.  However, that
results in a screen size too small to show some key parts
of the demos-- win some and lose some:)    Not sure if I 
can find a 5x8 terminal font that does contain the line 
drawing characters. 

The problems with shared libraries are currently unsolved. 


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