OpenWrt Image Release: 2010-12-14

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Dec 21 02:47:50 EST 2010


> * we have upload the new OpenWrt Image Release [1].
>   A more verbose changelog is available at wiki[2].

Wow, congratulations! This is the best OpenWrt NanoNote image so
far, in my opinion. Also extra and special thanks to the many
people that contributed recently, like David Kühling, Mirko Vogt,
kyak, jirka, and many others 'behind the scenes' in OpenWrt...

My feedback:

*** good

*) boot time still around 15 seconds, nice. Let's keep an eye on it
or bring it down even more...

*) nice new Camille Saint-Saëns violin piece, performed and freely
licensed by the Skidmore College Orchestra. I will start to collect
more sources of free content for the NanoNote...

*) GMU (music player), NanoMap (openstreetmap map viewer), StarDict
(GTK & console) and Nightsky - all work! First time I see this in
one image...

*** bugs

*) fbterm (60 seconds) and byubo (20 seconds) have very slow first-time
load times - after first time is OK

*) aewan should launch into a color font, not the nanonote-specific
monochrome font
 -- BTW: ascii art is awesome, we should include some free ascii art
 --      libraries, or even ascii art videos! Does that exist?

*) ctronome worked only once, after that audio seemed to be broken,
gmu couldn't play music anymore

*) gmu dims the screen even after switching to another console, very
surprising and one needs to know how to get back to gmu

*) backgammon crashed with a segmentation fault before starting the game

*** minor notes

*) NanoNote default wallpaper says 'open', but should say 'free'
*) I was looking in vain for netsurf, emacs. Next time maybe :-)
*) primes makes no sense for a gmenu2x icon
*) gnuchess installed but has no gmenu2x icon

Excellent work overall! The software roadmap right now, the way I
see it:

*) Jlime dual booting
*) become smarter in how to move free content (music, maps, offline wiki)
to the NanoNote, and how to manage it there (updates, remove unneeded data)
*) better OpenWrt test plan to avoid regressions
*) allow updating NanoNote via Linux initramfs update system, or from
external card, even FAT32 formatted external card.

Thanks for getting it this far!

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