OpenWrt Image Release: 2010-12-14

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien.bourdeauducq at
Tue Dec 21 11:05:52 EST 2010

On Tuesday 21 December 2010 16:35:24 Bart wrote:
> Sure, from the top of my head there are libcaca and aalib, where aalib does
> grayscale and libcaca does color. An interesting note is that iirc SDL
> supports libcaca, and mplayer supports both.
> (this would mean the videos themselves would be 'normal' but the output
> would be ascii art).

Yeah, wonderful. The meaning of "caca" in French pretty much sums up my 
opinion about this and the fact that those stupid libraries are a dependency 
of the otherwise respectable mplayer package on many distributions. For a good 
user experience, things like _this_ are needed:
Don't bother with über-nerdy and awfully looking ASCII stuff. Of course, this 
is harder to achieve especially if you start with the X11 handicap...

Seriously, who watches their movies in ASCII :(


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