Installing xburst-tools wrong package architecture?

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Wed Dec 22 02:30:42 EST 2010

>>>>> "Xiangfu" == Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at> writes:

> On 12/22/2010 08:29 AM, George wrote:
>> 2. I tried installing xburst-tools and dpkg says package architecture
>> (i386) does not match system (lpia). I'm Using a Dell Mini-9 with
>> Ubuntu 8.04.I have another Linux desktop but it's less convenient. Is
>> there a way to install this?

> check you system architecture by: uname -a

> you can download the other architecture xburst-tools at here:(I guess
> you are AMD64(x86_64))

I'm afraid that Amd64 won't help him.  LPIA is a (now discontinued)
version of i386 that compiles with different optimization settings to
get more performance on (atom) netbooks.

I think the i386 package should work on LPIA, but only if dpkg can
somehow be made to ignore the architecture difference.

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