Some Questions on the SIE Xburst-FPGA Interface

Andres Mauricio Asprilla Valdes amasprillav at
Mon Dec 27 18:32:08 EST 2010

> I was thiking in UART too, so, i like ask you, what's the maximun 
> speed wich is posible to
> achieve your implementation?

The speed is set to be 9600 baud data rate but you can change it in the source code 8250_fpga.c , there are some registers that you can change to set the baud rate (you can see in the commented lines where I set the baud ratte and the data format). The UART is a 16550 type so you can set any baud rate in the divisor latch. Please read the datasheet of the chip ST16C552, you can download it here: Please read it and you can achieve the speed that you want. I don't write the set_termios function but in this days I'm going to set that to work for any speed configuring it in any program like minicom.

Good bye.
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