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Due to the processes from KiCad to factory we're still moving on. But latest
trial run is to produce 100pcs of the JTAG/Serial pod.
Here I am trying to roughly describe how some files generated, you can say
'process'! Some of them are still missing...will keep editing. :) Just let
you know that there's a system support here is keeping moving.

* Get the KiCad s/w as used by Werner and Qi:
wiki info about installation now is still missing. :) But you can see
roughly here Wolfgang edited

* Repository of design files:
it's contributed by Yanjun Luo.

* Parts used information *.lst (like BoM) generated directly from KiCad's
EEschema program:
wiki info about this is still missing. I'll do it.

* Shopping list to Digi-key and Mouser directly:
wiki info about generating this file is still missing. :)
Current boom system can generate directly three column: Qty, P/N,
Description & Value.
The other two column I added manually. Since some parts existed in our
Sharism inventory! :)

* Gerber files and drill file of "single" pcb from KiCad's PCBnew program:
with above files, you already can make pcb by outsourcing. But if would like
to produce by smt machine. You had better to ask your smt vendor to know
their limitations of smt conveyor can 'carry' your small board. So this time
we needed a 'panelized' pcb size, usually call it 'panel' pcb.
When you get info from smt vendor, drawing an illustration/combination of
your 'panelized' pcb.

After confirmed with smt vendor, sent that illustrated file and single
gerber/drill file to pcb maker to let them combine/produce an real 'panel'
pcb for you.

* Panel gerber files from pcb maker
Once pcb maker finished, remember to get the whole 'panelized' gerber from
them not even your own work! There will be a little difference between your
own panelized gerber and real panel pcb you received. This is quite
common/reasonable on producing HDI pcba/product caused by working on making

* Coordinate files *.pos(top/bottom or front/back side) of parts, that's
directly generated from KiCad's PCBnew program:
but traditional smt manufacturers they usually want file to be like *.xls,
it's not caused by their machine needed; just their smt technicians already
get used to "copy" and "paste" into smt machine program. You can say that
they are well-educated by Windows tool environment, also the smt program
so converted to .xls:

So now you can prepare others documents along with all above files together
then send to smt vendor, they will accept/understand your works. :)

Final files to smt manufacturer:
essential files:
a) BoM file: since the *.lst file is quite simple with
value/reference/package data. But traditional smt vendor they much prefer
look like as:
An counted number listed will be good, because just 'copy' & 'paste' into
their smt machine to optimize the route of picking /placing the same value
of parts.
b) Panel or single gerber files
c) Coordinate files(top /bottom ) of parts
d) Soldering profile
    page 58 of Soldering reflow profile in

auxiliary files:
e) placement /reference of parts or polarity notice
f) other concerned

All of above, you can check in

To be continued.
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