Missing terminal color support

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Tue Dec 28 04:30:31 EST 2010


thought I'd put this part of the TTY problems discussion into a separate

Currently the first console that runs gmenu2x and all programs launched
via gmenu2x uses a very-small 6x10 font.  That font is set by shell
script /usr/bin/gmenu2x before starting the real gmenu2x binary.

The problem is: with this small font terminal color support is not
possible and completely deactivated.  (This is due to how the R/G/B
pixels are aligned on the NanoNote display).

Users who wish to run their terminal applications with color cannot run
them via gmenu2x icons.  They have to switch to another terminal
Ctrl+Alt+F2 etc. and launch them manually (or use an fbterm).

Do we want that feature?  

In his last mail Xiangfu wrote about giving users the option to switch

I for one would like to have color support enabled by *default*.  I like
to have color-coded 'ls' output.  I also like to use syntax-highlighting
editors, and currently I'm porting a chess game that needs terminal
colors to be playable.

IMO new users may be turned off by being presented with a dis-functional
terminal.  And who's going to understand the strange connection between
font size and color-support anyways?

Can anybody shed some light on why the no-color, extra-small font was
set as default in the 11-17 release?


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