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Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Dec 29 00:53:16 EST 2010

Hi Juan

the sound system is build as module in OpenWrt.  so your Debian kernel also don't 
include sound.

you need copy those files[1] to your debian rootfs.
then edit the "/etc/modules"

root at BenNanoNote:/lib/modules# ls
fuse.ko                snd-mixer-oss.ko       snd-pcm.ko             snd-soc-core.ko        snd-soc-jzcodec.ko     snd.ko
ks7010.ko              snd-page-alloc.ko      snd-rawmidi.ko         snd-soc-jz4740-i2s.ko  snd-soc-qi-lb60.ko     soundcore.ko
snd-hwdep.ko           snd-pcm-oss.ko         snd-seq-device.ko      snd-soc-jz4740.ko      snd-timer.ko           tun.ko

On 12/29/2010 10:11 AM, Juan José Díaz Vecchio wrote:
> Hi everybody!!!
> I would like to know if anybody out there is working on the lack of sound
> for the debian kernel (NanoNote). I have only tested the flasing method and
> have a nice system working except for the sound...
> I will try to fix this issue so i like to know if someone else is working on
> it. Of Course, if you can tell any suggestions then thanks in advance!!!
> Happy Holidays for all of you!! :D:D:D
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