Missing terminal color support

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Wed Dec 29 01:15:25 EST 2010

Hi David

we set the "setfont2" as the default font only because it more readable and nice.
in fact sometimes I  use the default font. sometimes I also switch to another terminal.
so I think if we have a HOTKEY can switch the font will be great.
but I don't know how to set the terminal font to the default kernel font(6x11). does anyone
know how to do that?

On 12/28/2010 05:30 PM, David Kuehling wrote:
> Hi,
> thought I'd put this part of the TTY problems discussion into a separate
> thread:
> Currently the first console that runs gmenu2x and all programs launched
> via gmenu2x uses a very-small 6x10 font.  That font is set by shell
> script /usr/bin/gmenu2x before starting the real gmenu2x binary.
> The problem is: with this small font terminal color support is not
> possible and completely deactivated.  (This is due to how the R/G/B
> pixels are aligned on the NanoNote display).
> Users who wish to run their terminal applications with color cannot run
> them via gmenu2x icons.  They have to switch to another terminal
> Ctrl+Alt+F2 etc. and launch them manually (or use an fbterm).
> Do we want that feature?  
> In his last mail Xiangfu wrote about giving users the option to switch
> fonts.
> I for one would like to have color support enabled by *default*.  I like
> to have color-coded 'ls' output.  I also like to use syntax-highlighting
> editors, and currently I'm porting a chess game that needs terminal
> colors to be playable.
> IMO new users may be turned off by being presented with a dis-functional
> terminal.  And who's going to understand the strange connection between
> font size and color-support anyways?
> Can anybody shed some light on why the no-color, extra-small font was
> set as default in the 11-17 release?
> cheers,
> David

Best Regards
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