piwik requires flash

Mattes Sarcander info at risom.de
Thu Dec 30 07:03:09 EST 2010

"Jane Andreas" <JaneAndreas at gmx.com> wrote:

> i usually just glance at the graph on the homepage of qi-hardware,
> but today I decided to click on the "more Piwik statistics". The
> first surprise was that piwik, whatever that is, requires flash 9 or
> greater to show a mere graph! 

Well, that graph is interactive, so either flash or javascript is
needed for that functionality. The static image export should work for
every graph, though, probably givig you what you want. But it really is
a pity that neither gnash nor swfdec have enough functionality for
running Piwik with them.

> The second shock was that a significant
> number of people accessed the site from internet explorer, the
> browser that doubles as spyware.(see internet explorer license for
> more details) Perhaps I am assuming too much fervor on the side of
> Free Software supporters? 

Or perhaps you are assuming that nobody surfs for private interests
during work hours  ;)




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