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Hey ,

Check my people folder[1] for NN binaries. I should really move them to projects,will do that today as well.



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Nothing to hideDavid Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:

Any vido binaries to download?

2010/2/3 Mirko Lindner <mirko at>:

> Hey there,


> I just wanted to give you a little progress report on vido [1].


> After the openzim developer-meeting [2] quite a few changes were made to the

> format to allow the usage of zim files even on limited devices such as the

> Ben NanoNote.


> Last night, after finally finding the right file, I managed to get the full

> german wikipedia (without images) to run nicely. The file is on the openzim

> server in their download section[3].


> There are quite a few neat functions in vido. Please be patient with it,

> responses are not instant, but it does what you ask it after 1-2s at the

> most. There are still a few quirks here and there. Scrolling is not optimal,

> the way links can be selected deserves another look etc etc. But the

> foundation works.


> One word abotu the zim files. Currently there are only german wiki files

> that have been tested. I will dive into the mechanism of creating other zim

> files as soon as I get back from FOSDEM. I have been told there is a process

> for that already, but it is not well documented. We are also in talks with

> the Wikimedia Foundation and other wikis to get them to publish wiki files

> themselves.


> If anyones feels like diving into the code to make it better, faster, nicer

> please go ahead. Just contact me for git access and such.


> Once again a big yay for the openzim project!


> Ok, here a small list of what vido can do:


> - open and display contents of a zim file (on the console):

> vido [PATH TO FILE]


> - get a random article (in vido):


> ctrl + r


> - search for an article (in vido):


> ctrl + s


> - go back to last article (in vido):


> ctrl + b


> - go to next article (if you went back before) (in vido):


> ctrl + f


> - display your history (in vido):


> ctrl + h


> - go to top (in vido):


> ctrl + t


> To move through links in an article use TAB. If you only want to scroll use

> the arrow keys.


> Note: If you scroll the cursor doesn't move, which means that if you tab

> after you scrolled for a while the display will go back to the last link you

> selected.


> /mirko


> [1]

> [2]

> [3]


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