[Company] Weekly Operations Update 5/2010

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Wed Feb 3 12:00:46 EST 2010


A number of people will go to FOSDEM, if you go make sure you don't miss
the chance to get to know some people behind Qi Hardware and associated
projects in person!
The schedule looks like this right now:

 Saturday, 3PM, room Ferrer: Lightning Talk with David from Tuxbrain (15min)
 Saturday, 6PM, room Lameere: Iris - capability based microkernel (demoed on Ben) by Bas Wijnen (60min)
 Sunday, 5PM, room Lameere: Copyleft Hardware by Mirko and/or Jon (30min)

---2 nanonote.cc
We have setup our shop at http://nanonote.cc and hopefully we can start
selling and shipping our cute little Bens soon (I'd say give us another
week or two).
Check out the factory news I posted recently for more information on
how production of the first 1000 NanoNotes went:

---3 KiCAD verification process
Our work to produce boards using the 100% free tool KiCAD continues, this
is for future Ya NanoNote models, and I encourage people who want to learn
about electrical engineering, or electrical engineers themselves, to go
follow and comment on what we are doing.
Check out the wiki page at
Especially the LAYOUT NOTES section at the bottom and the continuous work
between Adam and Carlos to get to a high quality board in the end.

This is very important foundation work that will allow us a controlled yet
still totally free and open process for future boards of all kinds :-)
So much for today, happy hacking everyone!

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