Nanonote as console considered useful

Daniel Clark dclark at
Thu Feb 4 08:34:18 EST 2010

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 3:23 PM, Ron K. Jeffries <rjeffries at> wrote:
> Nanonote even w/o WiFi would make a clever console
> for controlling these gadgets. Can we do it EASILY
> without host mode on USB? (displaying my ignorance)

I would also be interested in this, but I would think it would
defiantly be possible via the TTL UART and a TTL <-> Serial cable.

However it would not pretty without someone producing a nicer way to
use the UART than shown at (via a case mod or

I've been thinking of other ways that the TTL UART could be used; my
current thoughts are here:

Could anyone tell us the dimensions of the Ben Nanonote battery?

> Nanonote connected to a network will be a great
> Twitter or or IM display port.

I agree; the above talk link lists 3rd party modules that can provide
Bluetooth, Wifi and Zigbee communications via a TTL line serial
interface, with little in the way of additional electronics as far as
I can tell (but IANAEE :-)

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