Nanonote as console considered useful

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Feb 4 13:27:29 EST 2010

wow, nice. How did you measure this precisely?
Are you still in the factory and have one of those measuring tools? What's
the precision of the tool you used?
Can you take a picture of it? (I forgot last time...)
For the battery, can we get tolerances as well? One issue with batteries
is that they swell over time, so the thickness can definitely increase.
We need to get the whole 3D scanning and free CAD stuff moving again too
one day...

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 09:53:48PM +0800, Yi Zhang wrote:
> On 2010-2-4, at 下午9:34, Daniel Clark wrote:
> >Could anyone tell us the dimensions of the Ben Nanonote battery?
> 53.30 x 34.05 x 4.60 (mm)
> Yi
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