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Thu Feb 4 16:37:45 EST 2010

2010/2/4 Sébastien Bourdeauducq <sebastien.bourdeauducq at>:
> On Thursday 04 February 2010 17:53:57 Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
>> Copyleft hardware includes (to my mind) open hardware
>> projects which incorporate complex silicon such as a processor
>> where the programming API is open, but the chip manufacturer
>> does not disclose detailed design at gate level.
>> Arduino is a good example, where multiple outfits around the
>> world design, manufacture and sell PCBs and kits that are
>> clones of Arduino, or are "shields" that plug in and add functions.
> Ok. So, please note that a x86 PC also fits into this definition of open
> hardware: Intel discloses programming manuals for their processors and
> chipsets, with a little research you can find schematics and gerbers of some
> motherboards (which, anyway, aren't *so* hard to design nowadays, as the
> chipsets do pretty much everything) and multiple outfits around the world
> design, manufacture and sell PCBs, kits and devices that are clones of the
> original IBM PC, or are "peripherals" that plug in and add functions.
> It's good to see people believe in open hardware and start with easier
> projects; but copyleft gate-level designs are the way to go, especially since
> chips do most of the work in today's devices and are sometimes highly
> specialized and quickly become obsolete.
> Sébastien
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Sebastien, the "Qi" is our "DO", with Milkymist we will do that step
forward(or down) to the gate level freedoom, Ben is only the begining
on of the way. Be confidence we all here are commited walk that way.

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