How did FOSDEM go?

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Sun Feb 7 19:28:54 EST 2010

HI, I have made a lot of videos and pictures of fosdem, let me some
sleep and tomorrow I will start posting :)
I was in all speeches, in mine(lightning talk) there was about 120-130
assistants, in Iris (Bas) there was near 100 people, and Jon & Mirko
has also reported.
I was on a stand with the guys of Hackable Devices (Bearshtech,Kb85)
and a LOT, yes really a LOT of people was interested on NanoNote, I
have lose the count on how many times I had made a demonstration and
talk about the Qi project.
I'm very happy on the feedback on the people.

Regrading availability , Yi will send them on Monday so I guess I will
have them ready to sell on the end of next week or beginning of next

Be tunned :)


2010/2/7 Ron K. Jeffries <rjeffries at>:
> How were the Qi Hardware presos received at FOSDEM?
> And... any news on when Nanonote will be shipping?
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