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Mon Feb 8 14:45:17 EST 2010

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 20:18, Oscar Javier Riverac Claro
<raiver88 at> wrote:
> Hi. I have never worked with a embedded system, and I want to buy the
> nanonote. But my boss wants work with other embedded system, so I have to
> work with this. If I work with the nanonote, and I develop one application
> or any kind of software, can I emigrate from the nanonote to the other
> embedded system?
> Thanks.

NanoNote uses just standard Linux - it's OpenWrt distribution. You can
run every typical Linux app from your desktop and develop apps for
NanoNote just like for Linux desktop. The only difference is that you
have to compile apps for MIPS processor, instead of x86 (so no
closed-source apps and no non-MIPS assembler code)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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