SAKC board PCB design finished

Carlos Camargo cicamargoba at
Fri Feb 12 09:18:36 EST 2010


Adam and me finally finishing the SAKC PCB design, Adam will make a short
production for test it, I hope that all works fine and we can use SAKC soon.
Right now we need work on SDIO, we need to emulate a SD card on SAKC FPGA,
so we can use SAKC on BEN.

We want to use eCos for SAKC, I'm waiting for Wolfgang info about
conversations with ingenic :)
For our test I want to connect the BEN LCD to SAKC so, please send me one
LCD module (board + GIANTPLUS LCD), Iḿ using the same connector. Please send
it when you ship the next 18 nanos order.

Best Regards


Carlos Iván Camargo Bareño
Profesor Asistente
Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
cicamargoba at
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