My Walkthrough [Part 1 - Buy Ben NanoNote]

Kevyn-Alexandre Paré kevyn.alexandre.pare at
Fri Feb 12 12:15:35 EST 2010

Hi my name is Kevyn-Alexandre Paré,

I'm really interested in learning more and helping. I first ear about
the Ben Nanonote in the LinuxCon 2009 in Portland... There was a price
on a night event and it was Ben Nanonote. Heinz Manuelshagen from Red
Hat won it.

So here are my first steps:

After starting to read the mailing list and wiki site I found that I
may bought the device to two place:

Tuxbrain is not a solution for me since I'm not leaving in EU:
Tuxbrain only serve this product inside the EU, other countries please

Sharism seem to give me same result:
No shipping available to the selected country. Please contact sales at

I'm adding sharism email in the loop.

My address:
588 Vimont
Montreal, QC H1V 3K6

Is my problem related to the fact that the Product available on 15th
Febrary(aprox.) (TUXBRAIN WEBSITE NOTE).

Best Regards and congratulate for your achievement!

Kevyn-Alexandre Paré

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