My Walkthrough [Part 1 - Buy Ben NanoNote]

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Fri Feb 12 13:14:58 EST 2010

Just checked using Google Chrome browser.

I suggest someone modify the page to say something like
"Coming soon" right now it just looks broken.

I'm puzzled why we have not gotten a solid update regarding
availability of Nanonote.

Is it reasonable to think that soon after the Chinese holidays they
Nanonote will start shipping?

How would someone in USA purchase a Nanonote?

Ron K. Jeffries

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 09:15, Kevyn-Alexandre Paré
<kevyn.alexandre.pare at> wrote:
> Hi my name is Kevyn-Alexandre Paré,
> I'm really interested in learning more and helping. I first ear about
> the Ben Nanonote in the LinuxCon 2009 in Portland... There was a price
> on a night event and it was Ben Nanonote. Heinz Manuelshagen from Red
> Hat won it.
> So here are my first steps:
> After starting to read the mailing list and wiki site I found that I
> may bought the device to two place:
> Tuxbrain is not a solution for me since I'm not leaving in EU:
> Tuxbrain only serve this product inside the EU, other countries please
> visit
> Sharism seem to give me same result:
> No shipping available to the selected country. Please contact sales at
> I'm adding sharism email in the loop.
> My address:
> 588 Vimont
> Montreal, QC H1V 3K6
> Canada
> Is my problem related to the fact that the Product available on 15th
> Febrary(aprox.) (TUXBRAIN WEBSITE NOTE).
> Best Regards and congratulate for your achievement!
> --
> Kevyn-Alexandre Paré
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