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cristian paul peñaranda rojas paul at kristianpaul.org
Sat Feb 13 10:08:41 EST 2010

cristian paul peñaranda rojas <paul at kristianpaul.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was checking opencascade in lenny was in non-free, but in queeze
> is in main-free now :D
> So i guess the new license is okay with debian legal and free
> sofware, but can anyone in shorts word explainme why please :)

>From the changelog at


   * Upstream replaced Triangle by a free implementation,
     thus external-triangle.patch is removed as well as
     dependencies against libtriangle-dev.
   * Remove ros/src/FontMFT/*.mft files, these font files
     have no sources.  (As a side effect, closes: #487116)
   * All non-free bits have thus been removed, and opencascade
     is moved from non-free into main.

The license was never really an issue.  There was an explanatory note
which contradicted the license and seemed to add non-free terms, but
that is not the license.

Walter Landry
wlandry at caltech.edu

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