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Mon Feb 15 14:42:45 EST 2010

Hi Bas

> If you can give some details about what you want to do, I can see if
> there are things that Iris is not capable of.
SAKC board will be used in two modes:

1. The same Linux Distro running on Nano. So we can map external peripherals
on FPGA an d using FPGA internal memory as FIFOS, so we don't need overload
the main processor.

2. Using a small OS like eCos or IRIS, with a small footprint and running an
specific application.

for the second mode I want to connect some external digital / Analog signals
(From ADCs) as control signals, then the CPU make some process.

Can we use IRIS for this?
IRIS support the LCD, audio codec, I2C port, UART?


Best Regards

> Thanks,
> Bas
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