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Mirko Lindner mirko at sharism.cc
Thu Feb 18 07:10:24 EST 2010


Wolfgang, Mirko Vogt and I had a very good meeting this morning about the
plan for the distro and what we aim for in our "user" image.
We wanted to share the plan and see what you thought about it :)

So here we go:

distro contains:
- gmenu
- vido
- star dict
- music player
everything else takes a step back

Mirko V.:
-add xburst on openwrt page - where ever lists of supported archs are
-no daily builds (only stable binaries)
-check with project about mp3 free images
-checks when OpenWrt has next stable release
depending on OpenWrt timing we will either go with that or aim for own
-regular status updates, visual path etc

-write test plan

Mirko L.:
-give 6 devices to Mirko V.
-get openzim file to be put in image
-get dicts to use
-get music player sources
-free culture oggs - songs
-Quake - what's up there?

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