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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Thu Feb 18 08:01:46 EST 2010

please also add to the plan a review on the build development image[1]
your self, so advanced users/hackers can test and contribute to next
stable release.
I agree to no publish the binaries of this development ,
Taking advantage I want to play with different usb gadged modes (so I
have to recompile the kernel and I will use the Openwrt tools to do
so) I will review if this[1] info is enough to build an image from
scratch from sources, I will add any info missing and if  I get stuck
at some point I will ask.


2010/2/18 Mirko Lindner <mirko at sharism.cc>:
> Hey,
> Wolfgang, Mirko Vogt and I had a very good meeting this morning about the
> plan for the distro and what we aim for in our "user" image.
> We wanted to share the plan and see what you thought about it :)
> So here we go:
> distro contains:
> - gmenu
> - vido
> - star dict
> - music player
> everything else takes a step back
> Mirko V.:
> -add xburst on openwrt page - where ever lists of supported archs are
> -no daily builds (only stable binaries)
> -check with project about mp3 free images
> -checks when OpenWrt has next stable release
> depending on OpenWrt timing we will either go with that or aim for own
> freeze
> -regular status updates, visual path etc
> Wolfgang:
> -write test plan
> Mirko L.:
> -give 6 devices to Mirko V.
> -get openzim file to be put in image
> -get dicts to use
> -get music player sources
> -free culture oggs - songs
> -Quake - what's up there?
> Regards,
> /mirko
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