Hello, and questions

Jose E. Marchesi jemarch at gnu.org
Thu Feb 18 12:23:59 EST 2010


I just got my Ben Nanonote from the Tuxbrain guys (thank you :)).  The
machine came flashed with the latest image available from qi-hardware. 
Alsa is not working in that image, so I wanted to switch to 2010-01-13

I followed the instructions on how to flash the machine using the
reflash_ben.sh script.  Everything was ok.  After I got the "done" from
the script I connected the battery again and tried to boot the new system,
but the system got frozen in the Open WRT splash screen... for more than
15 minutes.  Then I switched off the machine by removing the battery.  I
was not able to boot the new image.


- The first boot after flashing the machine is expected to be slow but,
more than 15 minutes?

- How can I disable the splash screen?

Thanks :)

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