Booting in the dark

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Sat Feb 20 11:45:10 EST 2010

   What I would say to this is that you have people who like to hack
   their devices. That's good.  However, you and I have to realize
   that MOST people just want to buy and use a device. No hacking, no
   command line funniness, no piddling with conf files.

I don't think the device is ready for that kind of users.  It is more
like a prototyping platform than an end-user gadget.  Currently, if
you are not able to use a terminal and to compile your own
applications, the Nanonote is completely useless.

From a development point of view the boot splash screen is a nuisance
that doesn't allow to see what the boot process is doing.  For end
users? ok, they will love to have a splash screen.  But IMHO we should
get some kind of end-user interface that could be installed in the NN
before to think about splash screens.

Jose E. Marchesi  <jemarch at>
GNU Project

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