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On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 3:37 AM, Sébastien Bourdeauducq
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> Hi,
> here is a list of pending software sub-tasks. If you are interested in working
> on any of them, reply to devel at :)

Hmmm, I might be able to help out with some of these, as I do Linux
kernel work for the company I work for (we use Marvell 78x00 ARM
processors) and I have done work on x86 with SCST.

What resources would I need? I have three Linux systems at home currently.

> * Implement a proper FDPIC loader with shared libraries support. Nico from
> OpenWrt is working on this and has already written untested code that should
> support statically linked binaries.
> Once this code works, a possible technique is to use a statically linked FDPIC
> GDB server from which shared library support will be debugged.
> * Find out why kernel 2.6.33 freezes when running Busybox init (and fix).
> The symptom is the printing of the message:
> "mount: mounting /dev/root on / failed: Invalid argument"
> followed by a complete system lock-up. If this message is related to the
> crash, it suggests the mount API might have been changed between 2.6.26 (which
> works) and 2.6.33.
> * Fix SLUB and SLOB memory allocators, which cause this error when enabled:
> BUG: failure at mm/nommu.c:114/kobjsize()!
> Kernel panic - not syncing: BUG!
> If we choose to ignore these problems and keep SLAB, then we should find a way
> to handle allocations of large memory blocks (would be nice to run Qt4 apps ;)
> * Fix poll() system call
> * Fix /proc/self/exe
> * Develop an ALSA driver for the AC'97 controller
> * Develop a driver for the TMU2 accelerator
> * Develop a driver for the PFPU accelerator (low-level driver only. VLIW
> instruction scheduling etc. should be done in userspace, see below).
> * Develop an userspace library to use the TMU2. This should be
> straightforward. Maybe we'll want to integrate this into DirectFB (depending
> on the relevance and quality of DirectFB). In case the library is running on
> systems where the TMU2 is not available (e.g. a PC, for tests), a software or,
> better, OpenGL implementation should be used.
> * Develop a userspace library to use the PFPU. This is a more complex task.
> The library should have a high-level interface that hides the gory details of
> using the PFPU (e.g. the library must include a compiler and VLIW scheduler).
> The API should be clean and well-thinked and the PFPU should be emulated on
> systems where it is not available.
> Basically, we want a floating point numeric computation library that is able
> to use PFPU acceleration where it is available.
> * Support TMU2 acceleration (via the library, maybe DirectFB) in Genode FX for
> scaling images and blitting/moving windows.
> * Port the existing rendering code (in the SoC demo firmware, which was shown
> on video) to Linux, using SDL and the TMU2 and PFPU libraries plus ALSA for
> audio input.
> * Implement more MilkDrop features (wave modes, per-pixel equations, ...).
> * Test presets and, when they don't match the original, find out why.
> * Develop a neat user-friendly interface using Genode FX. This is for high
> level programmers and usability experts :)
> * Integrate the renderer into the Genode FX-based code.
> * TMU2, PFPU and AC97 cores docs:
> * Genode FX
> * DirectFB
> * SDL
> * ALSA API for AC97 codecs
> Thanks,
> Sébastien
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