symbols in star dict

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Sun Feb 21 20:23:35 EST 2010

Mirko Lindner wrote:
> Hey Xiangfu,
> how about creating a small gtk window that allows the user to enter 
> symbols used in a certain language in star dict?
> The flow would be:
> - press "qi button"
> - select language of symbol
> - get list of symbols (Russian letters, Scandinavian letters, French 
> accents or, or, or)
Hi Mirko 

I am not very clear how to input French symbol in French Keyboard? (or Russion)
if the French Keyboard can input all Frech letters. I think we should 
create a french-keymap in system.

for Chinese, Korean. we need one input method. like SCIM.  

> - pick symbol
> - symbol in search window
> I think it could be a way to solve our current probs.
> /mirko

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