Got my Ben :-)

Klaus Fürth Klaus.Fuerth at
Mon Feb 22 05:22:20 EST 2010


on last Friday I got my Ben NanoNote. :-) It's very nice and I like to 
play with it. Thank you for developing!

I would like to develop for this device (custumize rootfs, porting 
amateur-radio apps, maybe porting Qt, ...), so I downloaded OpenWrt and 
I start looking at it (compilation seems to work, the cross compiler has 
been created). Where is the right place to ask device-specific questions 
(i.e. Howto change the rootfs, Which Apps are already ported, Where to 
find/place ported apps, Howto find/write documentation, ...)? What is a 
good starting point for developing on Ben? I have experience in 
developing linux embedded apps with C/C++(Qt).


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