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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Mon Feb 22 12:07:04 EST 2010

It's in German, and I has a little talk with Anika before it was
published but I guess not enough in depth to  unmess the what qi
hardware is :P. Anika ask me after publishing to explain a little more
about qi-hardware so I don't know if it will be corrected finally or
not, but whatever is a great joy to being listened :)


this was the questions of Anika and my answers after the publication

> Do you guys have anything to do with Qi Hardware, by the way? It remains
> unclear to me wether or not Qi Hardware is a company. What's their legal
> form, and where are they headquartered - do you know that?
Well yes, all this can be a little messy, Qi Hardware was first
thought as company name but finally Qi Hardware was the name of the
community pushing for Copyleft hardware ideal, the actual manufacturer
of Nanonote is Sharism at Work (http://sharims.cc) but this is only
one member more(as entity) of the Qi hardware community, Tuxbrain is
another member (as entity) that is in charge of EU
distribution/promotion of the device, I (as individual) also
colaborate in testing, produce documentation, and advocate on the
whole copyleft hardware Idea.
Companies below the project are only used for dirty  and boring like
laws, taxes, certifications and all such administrative stuff. We all
agree than the important thing to promote is the community so that's
why when we talk about nanonote we say by Qi Hardware, because we
all(companies, universities, groups, individuals) had collaborate to
make this product exist, and actively working for more to come.
Whatever information you want to know about the project, the device,
production , costs, marketing strategies, hardware design decisions,
well whatever! if there is not in the wiki under creative commons is
because lack of time :) , just enter the list and ask

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