Nethack! :D

jemarch at jemarch at
Mon Feb 22 18:14:39 EST 2010

Today I ported nethack 3.4.3.  That means you will be able to play The
Best Game Ever in the Nanonote.


In the host:

  $ wget
  $ tar xzvf nethack-3.4.3-nanonote-bin.tar.gz
  $ scp nethack-3.4.3-nanonote-bin/ root at
In the nanonote:

  $ cd /root/nethack-3.4.3-nanonote-bin/
  $ ./nethack

Regarding the sources, I am preparing an openwrt package.  The nethack
build system is archaic and extremely unfriendly to
cross-compilations, so I had to piggy-hack it.

Happy nethacking!

Jose E. Marchesi  <jemarch at>
GNU Project

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