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Carlos Camargo cicamargoba at
Mon Feb 22 20:22:17 EST 2010

Hi Maurus

I'm the developer at Rockbox who's doing the porting of the Onda VX747/VX777
> (running on an Ingenic Jz4740 SoC).
> Currently most drivers are supported and integrated into Rockbox, although
> optimisations are still needed (for MIPS cores in general and for the Jz4740
> SoC).

Great !! I want to use this port as development enviroment for my new SAKC
platform, I'm reading the rockbox's documentation, and looks very good. Do
you think that rockbox is a good candidate for this kind of development ?
SAKC is an extension board for interface with the real world, we have one
analog to digital converter, and some digital I/Os. As you know the Linux
latency make hard to work with task where we need real time. I'm trying with
eCos but the ingenic port don't works for me  :(,  Do you have some
experience with eCos?

I have the Jz4740 and MXU documentation, however I can't provide the MXU
> documentation to anyone else..

It's a shame, Can i ask where you get this documentation?

Best Regards


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> Maurus Cuelenaere
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