Nethack! :D

Jose E. Marchesi jemarch at
Tue Feb 23 04:45:55 EST 2010

> I was looking into porting nethack, but the problem was the keyboard
> mapping.
> I now tried your port and I see the input isn't prepared for the
> nanonote. It is impossible to move around using the numeric keys :(
> But I hope your next builds will have that problem fixed :)

I use (both in my PCs and in the Nanonote) the hjkl and yubn set of keys
to move in nethack.

I will look in to support the arrow keys and the numeric keys.

> And speaking of roguelikes, you should try my port [1] of another
> roguelike - Powder

Nice! :)

Jose E. Marchesi
jemarch at

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