some news about what's going on from the software part

Mirko Vogt lists at
Tue Feb 23 12:20:59 EST 2010

Hey all,

just some news about what's going on from the software part.

I went to a KDE and QT conference this weekend as the toolkit QT is not
part yet of OpenWrt and I'd like to see QT-applications running on the
Ben NanoNote!

They showed quite a lot of interest in Qi and it's open hardware
I really enjoyed the stay, met nice people which came from all over the
world and got amazing support in getting QT running on the Ben.
However I didn't get it managed yet to complete the port, but I'm quite
confident of getting it working within the next couple of days.

We're also working on packaging all available software for the Ben, so
that packages can be easily installed via opkg onto an existing system.
As florian already mentioned, most of the technical stuff is done.

However there is non-free content within packages (e.g. mp3-support),
which we aren't allowed to distribute.

Finding and removing non-free parts carefully takes lot's of time and
we're really unhappy of being forced to do so just because of software
patents and companies which are watching out kicking somebodies ass by
enforcing them.

Anyway, we know you're waiting for that functionality and we are working
hard to get it done as soon as possible!

Cheers and happy hacking! :)


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