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On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 1:54 PM, Sam Geeraerts <samgee at> wrote:
> Mirko Vogt schreef:
> While we're on the subject: what are the goals in both areas? Will the
> Nanonote distro follow the free distro guidelines [2]? What (kind of)
> software is to be excluded because of patents?

My impression is that nanonote comes with pretty stock OpenWRT (I
think I'll have some waiting for me at home tonight, so should be more
clueful in a few days).

It strikes me that there are 2 obvious paths that could be taken
towards a 100%-freedom-friendly GNU/Linux distribution for the ben
nanonote; I don't see getting OpenWRT to change as being one of those
paths, since a very large number of its users have wifi that needs
blobs to work.

(1) For lack of a better name yet, a "FreedWRT" distribution. Since
OpenWRT is designed to be completely recompiled from source easily, I
don't think this would at least statically be all that hard, but may
eat those words in a few days; this is what I was going to try to do
in some way before LibrePlanet.

If others are interested I can coordinate project space etc.

I think we should just get a base set of packages working well first,
and then work out from there, instead of trying to verify freedom of
and then recompile every random OpenWRT package that exists.

(2) Create a gNewSense port for it, probably using
stuff - I think this would probably be harder.

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