[Company] Weekly Update 7 and 8/2010

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Wed Feb 24 05:25:00 EST 2010

(David: I will post to discussion as well in the future)
the most important update first:

---1 Ben NanoNote shipping!
Please go to http://nanonote.cc and order one :-) Yes, we made it. As of
today, the Ben NanoNote is shipping and in stock, in Hong Kong, Europe
and India. We have already successfully shipped devices to Canada, the US,
Switzerland and other countries in recent days.
So it really works! :-)
Unboxing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQcpUWn6YI4

As I'm sure all readers of this mailing list know, real work is only
starting now. Oh well. Theoretically it could be a great device: It could
be a music and video player, dictionary, offline wiki reader, calculator,
dictation device, PIM, open street map, and so much more.
Practially it's not yet, but hey, there is hope I think. It's called
free software. We will see...

---2 distributors
We currently have distributors in the EU (not Switzerland) as well as India.
We are looking for more distributors, for example in North and South America,
Russia, South Africa, Australia, etc.
I think because of the Ben pricepoint, margins and volume there is no way
helping us as a distributor will make anybody rich right now. So our chance
is to find enthousiasts who see and believe in the big picture, are willing
to stock a few Nanos, and then work with us on selling them in their country.
Which leads us right to the next way to buy:

---3 group sales
I just created a new page page
The idea is that if you are from a country that currently has no local
distribution (with cheap shipping), you add yourself to that page. When there
are 10 people with nearby locality together, we ship a 10-pack directly from
Hong Kong.

---4 newsticker

... 248 Ben NanoNote sold as of today (quite of few of those still with
    distributors), 752 to go until first batch is finished
... NanoNote EU trademark registered January 26, 2010 (#8525719)
... Patents: Qi Hardware holds no patents, doesn't want to spend time applying
    for patents, and generally will just work around any patent that someone
    waves in front of us with a large enough legal stick.

I'd say that's enough for today, our big focus now is:

1) sell more Bens
2) better software
3) better marketing

Cheers, thanks for all the help and support and good wishes we got so far!
Stay with us,

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